Position Description

I’m an attorney who represents cities, counties, and nonprofits on policy, labor, employment, fiscal, and benefit issues. Much of my work involves representing public agencies that are struggling to maintain public services or implement innovative changes. I often negotiate on behalf of cities with labor unions to improve government effectiveness and bolster public services. I also write ballot measures, handle arbitrations, write articles, and speak at conferences.

I seek an assistant who can handle everything from clerical tasks to research. This person must be prepared to take on tasks such as scheduling, preparing correspondence, writing, editing, and project management. The position involves extensive client contact, and attending off-site client meetings and negotiations (post COVID-19). The assistant will be expected to coordinate with associate attorneys and other partners to prepare the necessary documents for meetings and to take notes for negotiations.

You will be responsible for assuring that projects are carried to completion and deadlines are met while exploring your interests in law and policy. I do my best to bring you to key meetings where local government policy is being made.

I created this unique hybrid position 18 years ago. I typically hire a fairly recent college graduate with an interest in law and policy. This position is a good training opportunity for aspiring lawyers and policymakers with an interest in the mission of cities. If you are thinking about law school or public policy work, it’s a great opportunity to gain experience and understanding of both law and the operational challenges of government. Recent “graduates” of our program have attended Stanford, Harvard, and Berkeley Law School.

Successful candidates must have excellent academic credentials and writing abilities, as well as strong organizational and record-keeping skills. He or she should be a fast thinker who is calm under pressure, has the ability to prioritize and keep track of multiple projects and is a team player. People skills, poise, and a good sense of humor are also important.

This position is paid and offers full benefits. Because of the learning curve, I require a two-year commitment. Applicants should submit a cover letter describing their education, career goals, and relevant experience, along with their resume, college transcript (if you are a recent graduate), and short writing sample (preferably not more than ten pages) to resumes@publiclawgroup.com. I am more interested in how you write than I am in the content of the writing sample.

For more information about the firm, please visit www.publiclawgroup.com. No phone calls, please.