Getting Ready For The BIG One (And All The Little Ones): Disaster Preparedness for Human Resources

Partner Jon Holtzman and Of Counsel Randy Riddle

Partner Jon Holtzman and Of Counsel Randy Riddle presented on a panel about disaster preparedness for human resources at the 2016 CALPELRA Annual Training Conference. Their presentation discusses how to restore continuity of government functions after a disaster, such as an earthquake or the current COVID-19 pandemic. The slides cover:

  • Continuity of Government (COG) and Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP)
  • The role of human resources in COG
  • Emergency law for human resources, including: emergency declarations, emergency orders, emergency powers, disaster service workers, the WARN Act and emergency action plans
  • Case study: 2014 South Napa earthquake

To access the full presentation, please click/tap here.

Please contact Jon at with any questions.

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