Institute for Local Government
League of California Cities

The Renne Public Policy Group (RPPG) is officially open for business, with the League of California Cities as its first client. The League has retained RPPG on contract to advocate on issues related to workers’ compensation, public sector pensions and other policy areas critical to cities. Director, Government Affairs Dane Hutchings will lead efforts on this project, working directly with the League.

“Given the importance of pension and labor relations issues for cities, the League appreciates the opportunity to retain the advocacy skills of Dane Hutchings for the balance of the 2019 Session,” said Dan Carrigg, Deputy Executive Director and Legislative Director for the League.

“I am excited to lead RPPG’s advocacy efforts for the League and develop political and communication strategies for cities throughout the state,” said Mr. Hutchings. “The Renne Public Law Group has been a longtime League partner. RPPG is ready to utilize the law group’s seasoned legal expertise and my lobbying experience to further the best interests of California cities.”

RPPG is a full-service lobbying and consulting firm that provides support to public agencies and companies that align with the interest of public agencies.  With the utilization of strategic advisors, RPPG combines decades of experience with the best legal, operational and political talent in the business to provide full wraparound services for our clients.