RPLG Secures Multiple Speaking Engagements at CALPELRA


Eight members of the RPLG team will present at the 2019 California Public Employers Labor Relations Association (CALPELRA) Annual Training Conference in Monterey this November.

CALPELRA provides training and professional development that helps California public sector labor and employment professionals better serve their communities. The Annual Conference delivers knowledge and insight through a variety of presentations designed to improve skills and tactics.

RPLG team members have secured speaking spots encompassing the following topics:

  • Partner Jon Holtzman will team up with Michael Nadol (PFM Group Consulting) to present “Hitchhiker’s Guide to Understanding Comparability Universes,” a talk that will examine comparable company analysis and how factors such as industry classification and capital structure contribute to fit.
  • Partner Art Hartinger will present “An Update on the Statewide Pension Litigation with Future Predictions,” an overview of the evolving landscape of pension litigation and public agencies’ responses.
  • Partner Teresa Stricker and Senior Associate Ryan McGinley-Stempel’s presentation, “Threading the Needle: Crafting a Defensible Drug Testing Policy,” will provide insight on how to implement drug and alcohol screening policies and practices for new and current employees.
  • Of Counsel Ruth Bond and Senior Associate Lori Liu will discuss amendments to the Fair Employment and Housing Act affecting sexual harassment lawsuits in their presentation, “The Death of the Stray Remarks Doctrine: Once is Now Enough to Show Sexual Harassment, and Other Legal Updates Regarding Sexual Harassment Laws.”
  • Mr. Holtzman and Of Counsel Linda Ross will present “Pensions and the Cal Fire Decision: Glass Half Empty or Full,” a session on employment pensions and retiree benefits that will review which retirement benefits may be considered vested or subject to change.
  • Mr. Holtzman and Ms. Stricker will present “Labor and Employment Practitioner’s Guide to Brown Act Obstacles,” an interactive presentation to sharpen skills in navigating the Brown Act. Through staging a mock city council meeting, attendees will learn about the challenges that arise related to closed sessions.

“We are honored to be a part of the CALPELRA conference again this year,” said Mr. Holtzman. “This year, we are presenting on a broad range of topics and are excited to share information and exchange perspectives with the CALPELRA members.”

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