Bruce Rudd

Mr. Bruce Rudd recently retired from the City of Fresno after 42 year of public service that culminated with his appointment by Mayor Ashley Swearengin to the position of City Manager in June, 2013. Fresno is located in the Central Valley and is the fifth largest city in California with a population in excess of 527,000 and an annual budget in excess of $1.1 billion. The City of Fresno is also unique when compared to other cities of this size in that public transportation and airports departments are also managed and operated by the City.

Bruce started his career with the City in May, 1977 as a Bus Mechanic and steadily climbed up the ranks within the City’s Transportation Department (Fresno Area Express); where he eventually became the Director of Transportation in 1998. Bruce was then asked to join the City Manager’s Office in 2005 as an Assistant City Manager. During that time Bruce also served as the City’s interim Director of Information Services/Chief Information Officer as well as Director of Parks and Recreation while still holding the position of either Assistant City Manager or City Manager. In fact, there was a period during and after the “Great Recession” in which Bruce simultaneously held the positions of City Manager as well as the Director of Transportation and Parks and Recreation.