Yumi Wilson

Social Media Consultant

About Yumi Wilson

Yumi Wilson currently serves as a social media consultant for the Renne Public Law Group. She is also on the Investigations team, which is part of the newly formed RPLG.solutions.

Ms. Wilson is also a journalism professor at San Francisco State University, specializing in social media and branding. She offers workshops to nonprofit leaders, lawyers, educators, students and others across the country.

Ms. Wilson is a former news reporter and editor for the San Francisco Chronicle, the Associated Press, the San Jose Mercury News, the Modesto Bee, and the now-defunct Los Angeles Herald Examiner. She is also the recipient of the Fulbright grant and prestigious Knight-Wallace journalism fellowship.

She also worked as a corporate communications manager at LinkedIn, where she traveled around the world, teaching hundreds of journalists, executives, and employees how to build their brand on LinkedIn. During her three-year tenure, she decised training sessions in Belguim, Canada, New York, Chicago, and many other places. She also specialized in high-profiles politicians and celebrities, including Carly Fiorina, Oprah Winfrey, chef Mario Batali, and Bravo host Andy Cohen.