Renne Public Law Group has finalized an agreement to serve as General Counsel for San Francisco’s Downtown Community Benefit District (Downtown CBD).

Map of CBDs in San Francisco

The Downtown CBD is the most northeast district represented on this map.

The nascent Downtown CBD is a partnership to increase service provision between the City of San Francisco and property owners in the approximately 43 downtown blocks encompassed by the district. The CBD, a non-profit organization, will use special assessment funds levied on properties within the district to fund improvements that supplement baseline City services, such as providing daily cleaning services, increased trash and graffiti removal, safety patrols, additional traffic control officers and promoting the neighborhood to encourage community development.

“Our work to support the Downtown CBD aligns fully with RPLG’s mission to practice public law in the public interest,” said Founding Partner Teresa Stricker, who has been appointed as the Downtown CBD’s General Counsel. “RPLG is committed to improving the community for everyone that lives and does business within the district.”

Teresa Stricker

Ms. Stricker will serve as General Counsel for the Downtown CBD.

After more than ten years of planning, the majority of property owners within the new district and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved the district’s formation in 2019. The Downtown CBD started its 15-year term in January 2020 as the newest and one of the largest CBDs in San Francisco. Through special assessments, property owners will invest $3.9 million annually in improvements in the district.

Ms. Stricker brings her experience serving as General Counsel for another San Francisco Community Benefit District and firm client, the East Cut CBD, to the firm’s work for the Downtown CBD.

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