About RPLG

Founded by partners Louise Renne, Jon Holtzman, Art Hartinger, and Teresa Stricker

RPLG practices throughout California, advising and advocating for public agencies, nonprofit entities, individuals and private entities in need of effective, responsive and creative legal solutions. We are proud to have former San Francisco City Attorney Louise Renne lead us forward as Chairperson.

RPLG is devoted to the principle that representing government is in the public interest.

Our lawyers provide the tools to strengthen and preserve public services. We empower policy makers to further their policy objectives while minimizing legal risks. Although we are a “private” firm, we work seamlessly with our clients to form a collaborative team with in-house staff to identify workable solutions to complex problems, develop strategy and implement solutions, whether the path is at the bargaining table, city council chambers, the courtroom, or the ballot box.


Alameda County Transportation Commission

Bay Area Rapid Transit

City and County of San Francisco

League of California Cities


2018 CSDA Annual Conference

RPLG To Speak at CSDA Annual Conference

August 8, 2018

During the 2018 CSDA Annual Conference, RPLG Of Counsel Randy Riddle will lead a discussion on navigating pitfalls under the Brown Act.

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Breaking Down Boling v. Public Employment Relations Board

August 7, 2018

Boling should not be read as a statement on pension reform. The ruling does, however, carry significant—and detrimental—consequences for public employers.

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Lori Liu

RPLG Expands Local Government Expertise with Lori Liu

July 30, 2018

Lori Liu brings the unique skills of both an experienced attorney and a dedicated public servant to the RPLG team.

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