We often say the RPLG is a “mission driven” firm — the mission being to help local governments survive, succeed and innovate. It is particularly heartening that the California Supreme Court has recognized the critical work our clients perform every day in a recent decision (Pico Neighborhood Association v. City of Santa Monica (2023) 2023 WL 5440486). It’s not just that all politics are local; all government services are local. Support your local governments!

“Local governments make many of the most important decisions that affect Californians’ everyday lives. They build and repair public streets, they define a neighborhood’s character through planning and zoning, and they decide where to place public parks and where to allow restaurants, bars, and liquor stores to operate. They make decisions about public transit and decide where to site industries that cause pollution. They provide police services and determine the level and type of policing and other first responder services, they educate our children, they operate or regulate local utilities, and they have the power to levy taxes. The people exercise control over these choices by electing representatives to city councils, county boards, boards of education, community college boards, special district boards, and other bodies.”

Justice Kelli Evans, California Supreme Court



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  • June Catalano, Eric Figueroa, Nelson Fialho, Sharon Gonsalves, Jon Holtzman, Dane Hutchings, Alyssa Silhi, Wendy Sommer and Jake Whitaker

RPLG Founding Partner Jon Holtzman, RPMG Executive Director Nelson Fialho and RPMG Consultant June Catalano to Present at League of California Cities City Managers Conference

January 30th, 2024|

Renne Public Law Group (RPLG), Renne Public Management Group (RPMG) and Renne Public Policy Group (RPPG) will present two sessions on the second day of the League of California Cities City Managers Conference in Hollywood, February 8. The annual conference brings together hundreds of city managers to further their professional development, discuss timely issues and learn about new resources, services and technologies to take back to their cities.

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