The Rutter Group California Practice Guides

The Rutter Group Practice Guides provide authoritative guidance for lawyers and judges on a variety of legal topics. Renne Public Law Group has the privilege of providing two guides: California Practice Guide: Public Sector Employment Litigation (TRG), a definitive guide to lawsuits involving public employees and public agencies in the state; and California Practice Guide: Civil Procedure Before Trial – Claims and Defenses (TRG), an essential resource when crafting a complaint, drafting a responsive pleading or analyzing the substance of a claim. Both are essential companions to The Rutter Group’s California Practice Guide: Employment Litigation and California Practice Guide: Civil Procedure Before Trial.

Rutter Guide

California Practice Guide: Public Sector Employment Litigation 

Authored by RPLG Partners Jonathan Holtzman and Art Hartinger, addresses the critical areas in which public sector employment rights and procedures differ from those in the private sector.

  • Setting terms and conditions of public employment
  • Distinctions for public & private employment litigation
  • Unique constitutional claims and defenses
  • Claims related to hiring, promotion and compensation
  • Public sector employee benefits, pensions and other post-employment benefits
  • Discipline and discharge
  • Leaves and layoffs
  • Immunities, defenses and remedies

California Practice Guide: Civil Procedure Before Trial – Claims and Defenses 

Authored by RPLG Of Counsel Sara Church Reese and updated annually with co-author Judge Kimberly A. Gaab, Fresno County Superior Court, provides civil litigators in virtually all fields of practice with the essential elements, key defenses and primary remedies for more than 50 frequently encountered claims.

  • At-a-glance table showing the elements , defenses, jury instructions, statute of limitation, and remedies for each claim
  • Detailed discussion including relevant caselaw, statutory and jury instruction cites
  • Expert analysis
  • Practical advice

RPLG’s attorneys help update the guides annually to ensure information is up-to-date and accurate.