Writs & Appeals

In appellate courts, a special combination of skills, knowledge, and experience is required to direct a case to a successful conclusion. Our attorneys have represented government clients at every stage of state and federal appeals, including before the United States Supreme Court and the California Supreme Court. Our firm possesses the highly developed research skills and the superior writing abilities required for this critically important practice area.

We are vigorous appellate advocates. We provide strategic counseling and a fresh examination of the client’s litigation, and work collaboratively with trial counsel to ensure a smooth transition
from the trial court to the appellate court.


Our attorneys have successfully briefed and argued appeals involving First Amendment and other constitutional claims, disputes over the proper interpretation of state and local laws, administrative decisions, and the relative constitutional authority of the local, state and federal government. In addition, our attorneys are frequently retained to file amici curiae or “friends-of-the-court” briefs in appeals involving important local government issues.


Our attorneys are also highly experienced in representing public officials in writs of mandate—actions seeking to compel public officials to take a specified course of action. Our attorneys have successfully and consistently advanced the principle that local officials—not the courts—have the authority and discretion to make determinations on important matters of public policy.


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