Renne Public Law Group (RPLG) is thrilled to announce Laguna Honda Hospital’s recertification in the federal Medicare Provider Program. This milestone signifies that Laguna Honda is again a certified provider for both Medicaid and Medicare programs, marking the successful conclusion of the facility’s recertification journey.

“We are overjoyed to share this news with our Laguna Honda residents and their families,” wrote Roland Pickens, MHA, FACHE, Director/CEO of the San Francisco Health Network and Executive Sponsor of the Laguna Honda Hospital Recertification Incident Command, in an email. “Your patience and trust during these challenging and uncertain times, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the CMS recertification process, have been invaluable.”

In August 2022, RPLG filed a federal lawsuit to stop the State and Federal Government’s action to force the relocation of nearly 700 hospital residents. The California Department of Public Health, in conjunction with the Federal Government, ordered Laguna Honda to relocate its residents over alleged concerns about Laguna Honda’s accreditation status.

“This is truly great news,” said Chair Louise Renne, who has long-standing personal ties to Laguna Honda. “It means that the hospital is no longer under a cloud and that it can now start taking new patients that need skilled nursing care.”

A copy of the hospital’s letter to residents and families can be viewed here.

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