Renne Public Law Group announces that it has filed a federal lawsuit to stop the State and Federal Government’s action to force the relocation of nearly 700 residents at San Francisco’s Laguna Honda Hospital.

The California Department of Public Health, in conjunction with the Federal Government, recently ordered Laguna Honda to relocate its residents over alleged concerns about Laguna Honda’s accreditation status.  The order makes no accommodation for the residents’ medical condition, or financial or social safety net.  At least eight residents have died following transfers, and others have been left homeless.

“The order to displace the residents is callous and shameful,” said Louise Renne, the Chair of RPLG who is leading the litigation.  “We could not sit idly by and watch this tragedy unfold.”

Louise Renne has longstanding personal ties to Laguna Honda, as she was instrumental in directing proceeds from her litigation as City Attorney against the tobacco industry to rebuilding and revitalizing Laguna Honda.

RPLG is proud to be able to take on this litigation, as this is a just cause consistent with the firm’s public interest values. A copy of the complaint may be viewed here.

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