Let’s talk about recruitment—with a unique approach. Renne Public Law Group approaches bringing in new talent a bit differently from traditional law firms. We don’t hire for openings. We hire great people. When we find great people who want to help government, we hire them, period.

  • Mission Driven: We seek out individuals who share our passion for public service, who want to positively impact communities and who understand that—sometimes—making a difference means some financial sacrifice – relative to big law.
  • Experience: Our clients expect us to be efficient and cut through the bureaucracy. We bring judgment, perspective and expertise to the table.
  • Collaboration over Competition: We’re all in this together. Renne Public Law Group creates an environment where our attorneys are incentivized to share client work.
  • Practical Idealism: We want candidates who not only dream big but also have the practical skills to turn policy goals into reality. We foster a culture of innovation and thought leadership where everyone’s voice is heard and everyone’s ideas are valued.

There it is—recruitment, RPLG style. If this sounds like your kind of opportunity, please visit our careers page.