City of LivermoreThe Renne Public Law Group (RPLG) is dedicated to providing high quality service to California’s local governments. The firm routinely provides a variety of training programs for its clientele and other public agencies; one such course is a refresh on ethics, in compliance with Assembly Bill (AB) 1234.

Under AB 1234, local officials are required to undergo training on ethics laws and principles with the goal of understanding the unique ethical obligations of public officials. Completion of this training is required every two years.

Most recently, RPLG team member Randy Riddle conducted an ethics training program for the City of Livermore. The presentation provided a basic knowledge of ethics, open government and fair process principles. Mr. Riddle worked with Livermore staff to answer questions about practical application and discussed best practices that promote public confidence in city leaders.

In addition to Ethics training, RPLG offers training sessions to public agencies on a variety of topics, including:

  • Brown Act and Public Records Act,
  • Concessionary bargaining,
  • Sexual harassment training for supervisors (AB 1825 compliant),
  • Accommodating employee disabilities and religious beliefs,
  • Employee classification and compensation,
  • Public sector discipline,
  • Conducting workplace investigations,
  • Essentials of labor relations,
  • Public Safety Officers’ Procedural Bill of Rights Act, and
  • Firefighters’ Procedural Bill of Rights Act.