The 2020 update of The Rutter Group’s California Practice Guide: Public Sector Employment Litigation, authored by Renne Public Law Group Partners Art Hartinger and Jon Holtzman, was published on June 24. The Rutter Group Practice Guides provide authoritative guidance for lawyers and judges on a number of legal topics.

Arthur Hartinger

Founding Partner, Arthur Hartinger

Jonathan Holtzman

Founding Partner, Jonathan Holtzman

“The yearly task of updating this guide, which the whole firm contributes to, is a chance to put the things we’ve learned over the course of our careers on paper,” said Mr. Holtzman. “The guide is still fairly new, and I think every update is a chance to not only capture new legal developments, but to flesh out another portion of the guide.”

The California Practice Guide: Public Sector Employment Litigation is an all-encompassing guide to lawsuits involving public employees and public agencies in California. Mr. Hartinger and Mr. Holtzman explore the many protections that are given to public employees as well as the areas where public sector employment rights differ from those in the private sector, including:

  • Terms and conditions of public employment
  • Distinctions between public and private employment litigation
  • Unique constitutional claims and defenses
  • Claims related to hiring, promotion and compensation
  • Public sector employee benefits, pensions and other postemployment benefits
  • Discipline and discharge
  • Leaves and layoffs
  • Immunities, defenses and remedies

Throughout the guide, Mr. Hartinger and Mr. Holtzman offer analysis of key issues in public sector employment litigation; concise yet thorough explanations of statutes, rules, regulations and doctrines; and expert strategies, tactics, tips and commentary for public employees and employers.

With Mr. Hartinger and Mr. Holtzman leading the effort, the entire firm works to annually update the guide to maintain its accuracy and value. Since 2017, RPLG has produced a new version each year.

The California Practice Guide: Public Sector Employment Litigation can be purchased on the Rutter Group’s website.

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