For over a decade, Dane Hutchings has been advocating for the best interests of both public and private entities. He is a seasoned legislative advocate and political strategist with a keen understanding of the California political process and landscape. Here, Mr. Hutchings shares news of his new role at the Renne Public Policy Group.

What led you to your new role at Renne Public Policy Group (RPPG)?

Over the past three and a half years I have worked with the attorneys who founded Renne Public Law Group (RPLG) on a variety of public employer related issues. My advocacy style is fast-paced, nuanced and inclusive (using all the available tools in my toolbox to get the job done). RPLG shares the same style. When I was approached by RPLG Founding Partners Jon Holtzman and Art Hartinger to head up the new division, I felt it would be a natural fit and represent a way for me to expand my work and positively impact local government in California.

What aspect of your new role do you look the most forward to?

Well I’ve never been accused of being “low” energy—so the prospect of building something from the ground up is incredibly exciting. Over the past 10 years I’ve built my reputation on hard work, honesty and inclusive dialogue. Culture matters to me, so having an opportunity to build off of the success of the RPLG brand and culture is incredibly exciting. I can’t wait to develop the business, grow a team and create an environment where the team loves to come to work and fights with passion and courage for our clients.

What special skills or perspectives do you bring to the team?

Over the past ten years I have developed political and policy specialties in a variety of public and private sector policy areas. Additionally, I am a seasoned public affairs professional who has led legislative campaigns on a number of public and private sector issues, shaping both internal advocacy strategies and external communications and outreach. I’ve worked with great people across the State during my time at the League of California Cities and value the experiences that I gained there. My time at the League also cemented my viewpoints on the power of local government working as a partner with California lawmakers to address major economic, social and policy challenges on a statewide level.

A significant portion of my work has focused on California public pension policy. In the next decade, local agencies across California are going to be struggling to grapple with rapidly increasing contribution rates. As a recognized expert in the policy area, I believe I am uniquely suited to advise local agencies on ways to better understand the challenges ahead and guide clients through these turbulent times.

The Renne Public Law Group has taken an approach of offering a full spectrum of support for public agency clients, as will the Renne Public Policy Group. So now my skills and insights will be available to RPLG and RPPG clients as a political advisor and strategist. With thousands of laws introduced each year—many of which have a direct impact on local agencies—having someone who possess a keen understanding of the political process and the nuances of emerging political trends will complement the deep legal expertise and insights of the RPLG attorneys.

What are your goals or objectives?

My immediate goal is to find ways to be of instant value as an advisor to existing clients while working hard to add clients. Over the long term, I want to leverage the phenomenal reputation that RPLG has established and build RPPG to a premier full-service lobbying, consulting and public affairs firm in Sacramento.

How would you describe the new group to a potential client, i.e. what’s your 30-second elevator pitch?

RPPG is a full-service lobbying and consulting firm that provides support to public agencies and companies that align with the interest of public agencies. We advocate for our clients with passion, poise and courage. As a boutique firm, trust that RPPG is well-suited to provide our clients with a personalized service that larger firms simply cannot. Our unique solutions-oriented approach in serving our clients sets us apart from other advocacy firms. With the use of RPPG strategic advisors our firm combines decades of experience with the best legal, operational and political talent in the business to provide full wraparound services for our clients.