The Renne Public Law Group (RPLG) has partnered with the Municipal Management Association of Northern California (MMANC) as an Executive Sponsor for the 2018-19 year. Following a six-month period of significant growth, RPLG continues to bolster its engagement and support of cities and public agencies.

“We are thrilled that RPLG has chosen to become an Executive Partner of our association,” said MMANC President Miranda Lutzow. “With their team’s longstanding dedication to partnering with local governments, RPLG’s support will assist us achieving our goals of fostering capable leaders and building a stronger support system for our members in the years to come.”

“MMANC is an important partner to local governments across Northern California,” said Arthur Hartinger, RPLG Partner. “Our team is pleased to connect with MMANC. We look forward to growing together and supporting the next generation of local government leaders.”

As Executive Sponsor, RPLG is slated to present a session on  strategic financial planning and communication during the 2018 Annual Conference in Yosemite. Hartinger join with Bill Lindsay, the recently retired and highly-respected City Manager of Richmond. Lindsay is heading up RPLG’s new consulting group——which was launched last month.

Cities routinely face financial management uncertainties even in strong economic periods. The session will give insight into using strategic financial planning and effective communication with employees to develop sound policy making and strong partnerships with employee bargaining units.

The panel will take place on October 23 from 3 – 5 p.m.

RPLG practices throughout California, advising and advocating for public agencies, nonprofit entities, individuals and private entities in need of effective, responsive and creative legal solutions. offers multidisciplinary and innovative problem-solving resources both independently and in combination with Renne Public Law Group’s attorneys.

MMANC is a membership organization of local government management professionals located throughout the 49 counties of Northern California. MMANC was formed in 1950 to address the professional needs of public management staff.