Renne Public Law Group (RPLG) announces the formation of Renne Public Policy Group (RPPG), a new Sacramento-based lobbying and political consulting division of the firm.  RPPG is a full-service lobbying firm providing direct advocacy, public affairs and consulting services. RPLG Founding Partners Jon Holtzman and Art Hartinger, along with RPLG.Solutions’ Bill Lindsay and Bruce Rudd, will serve as strategic advisors to RPPG.

“Our work at RPLG often puts us on the forefront of the major issues impacting local government throughout California. These issues may arise from the Legislature, Governor and state agencies. We feel that it is critical for our clients to be actively engaged in and contributing to these dialogues,” said Holtzman. “There are many routes to accomplishing important goals. From the legislature, to the courts, to policy formation and implementation, our new service offering will allow our firm to provide unmatched integrated client services.”

Dane Hutchings will lead the RPPG practice as Director, Government Affairs. Dane is a widely recognized policy expert on local government matters, particularly on public employer labor and benefits issues. Previously, he advocated on policy with the League of California Cities (League) as a Legislative Representative/Federal Policy Liaison.

The launch of the RPPG division is another milestone in the fast growth of Renne Public Law Group. Founded just 17 months ago, the firm has grown with the additional establishment of RPLG.Solutions, a management consultancy for public agencies.

“Since founding RPLG, we have had a huge response to our services and expertise, particularly in the public employment space, but more generally, in municipal law. We are thankful for the faith our clients place in us and appreciate the opportunities we have to bring next-level services to local government. Our clients fight the good fight for the public good every day; our mission is to provide the expertise and advocacy our clients need to clear roadblocks, deliver services, become policy leaders on issues that are important to their residents and help their communities recognize the value that local government brings to the table,” concluded Holtzman.

RPPG is a full-service lobbying and consulting firm located in Sacramento that utilizes the best political talent in the business to advocate for public agencies with passion, poise and courage