2018 LOCC City Attorney PPTThe Renne Public Law Group (RPLG) team, including Louise Renne, Jonathan Holtzman, Arthur Hartinger, Teresa Stricker, John Truxaw, Michael Roush, Katherine McGrath, Ryan McGinley-Stempel, Linda Ross, Randy Riddle, and Madeline Cline will represent the firm in full force while attending the League of California Cities (LOCC) City Attorneys’ Spring Conference, May 2 to 4 in San Diego.

RPLG Partner Jon Holtzman is on deck to present a session entitled “PERS’ Path Forward: Risks, Opportunities, and Options” on Wednesday, May 2 from 1-3 PM. He will be joined by Mary Beth Redding of Bartel Associates. The panel will be moderated by Christine Dietrich, City Attorney of San Luis Obispo and President of the LOCC City Attorney Department.

The panel will focus on how California cities are dealing with huge increases in CalPERS pension costs. Mr. Holtzman and Ms. Redding will lead a discussion on how cities can address both the known and as-yet-unknown increase in PERS contribution rates. A key part of that discussion is whether there will be any relief from the California Supreme Court in the area of vested rights. Jon Holtzman and Linda Ross prepared the League’s Amicus Brief in the Cal Fire case before the Supreme Court. RPLG is also represents the only local agency that is a defendant in the Alameda case.

The link to the presentation can be found here: http://www.cacities.org/Resources-Documents/Member-Engagement/Professional-Departments/City-Attorneys/Library/2018/Spring-Conference-2018/5-2018-Spring;-Holtzman-PERS-Path-Forward.aspx

The City Attorneys’ Spring Conference provides training on cutting-edge issues in municipal law, including comprehensive updates on litigation affecting cities.

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